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Favourite PR examples from 2015

I love gathering good case histories to use in my PR training.  This year, I’ve chosen some of my favourite PR examples to reflect the variety of ways in which PR can be integrated with other communications.

Favourite PR stunt, Lego Oscars

Lego is no newcomer to executing PR stunts and one of my favourite is the #LegoOscar trophies which were made and presented to stars during the awards and at an after party to publicise the song track to the Lego Movie which was nominated but failed to win an award.   With so many other brands vying for Hollywood’s attention, Lego stole the show as can be seen from Oprah Winfrey’s reaction. Fans took to social media to share the pictures and watch the video of how to make their own lego Oscar and this quickly spurred a host of other instructional videos.

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