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Creating PR stories. It’s SIMPLES!


My learners often ask for a handy toolbox of techniques that they can take away to use for creating their own PR stories.   So, I developed this acronym of the letters S I M P L E S and hope that you find it helpful when planning how to make every PR story or piece of PR content work hard.

S = simple narrative

Campaign messages need to be turned into meaningful PR stories and my view is that the simpler the narrative, the better.  I love how NHS Blood and Transplant’s campaign for National Blood Week 2015 transformed key messages of ‘There is a shortage of blood groups O and A.  Support  National Blood Week and register to give blood’ into a wonderfully simple narrative – Help to fill the g ps. Do something amazing. Give blood.#missingtype Read more

Favourite PR examples from 2015

I love gathering good case histories to use in my PR training.  This year, I’ve chosen some of my favourite PR examples to reflect the variety of ways in which PR can be integrated with other communications.

Favourite PR stunt, Lego Oscars

Lego is no newcomer to executing PR stunts and one of my favourite is the #LegoOscar trophies which were made and presented to stars during the awards and at an after party to publicise the song track to the Lego Movie which was nominated but failed to win an award.   With so many other brands vying for Hollywood’s attention, Lego stole the show as can be seen from Oprah Winfrey’s reaction. Fans took to social media to share the pictures and watch the video of how to make their own lego Oscar and this quickly spurred a host of other instructional videos.

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White lies are black in PR ethics

White lies are unethical
White lies are unethical

Navigating through the grey area of what is right and wrong can be difficult for PR practitioners.  The CIPR’s Ethics Month activities reminded me of the challenges we face in trying to be honest and show integrity whilst at the same time maintaining confidentiality. There are lots of occasions when a white lie might seem to be the best option but that would mean breaking the CIPR’s code of conduct. So, when considering PR ethics, what is the right thing to do? Read more

10 free media relations tools

Low cost PR
Low cost PR

I often get asked what free tools are available to those who are setting up a press office function in their organisation. Here are some of my favourite free tools for PR:


Journalisted is a great for getting some insight into the kind of stories a named journalist has published recently. I find this really useful when planning what national/freelance journalists might be interested in stories and deciding what angle to pitch.

2. News media

The local media works database (part of the News Media Association), is useful for finding regional papers in a particular location and also provides a demographic profile of that area too. Read more