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5 essentials every PR campaign should have

As communication disciplines converge, those working in public relations are finding that they need to think smarter when it comes to ensuring PR has a place at the top table. Here are my five essentials every PR campaign should have:

1. The big idea

A Holmes report study into creativity in PR, found that 61 per cent of those questioned agreed with the observation that the PR industry lacks big ideas. That was back in 2012 and I think the industry has moved on since then and we are seeing more PR firms like Ketchum winning creative awards. Read more

Pitching for PR business

Pitching – don’t leave it to chance
Pitching – don’t leave it to chance

When I ask PR account managers what they write first when creating a public relations proposal, they often answer – page or slide one. And when prompted further, they often explain that the first part of the presentation will be taken up with the background to their offer.

This might work for a logical structured report – but if you are in a PR pitch situation, you need to make that first page or slide sell. Read more

PR strategy explained

What’s your strategy?
What’s your strategy?

Everyone seems to have a strategy these days.  In the public relations industry, it is one of the most over used terms and many of the courses that I’m asked to run involve some element to helping PR’s be more strategic in the creation of communications campaigns and planning.

But what is a PR strategy?  And why the obsession with it now? Read more

Silly season round-up

PR’s have often seized upon the ‘quiet news’ period, falling during August and early September in the UK, to release quirky, light-hearted stories that would otherwise be hard to place when the news agenda is fuller.  So, although the silly season has rightly been cut short due to the Syrian crisis, here are some of my favourites. Read more

How to talk to the media

Have PR’s forgotten to how to speak to journalists?  The digital era means that many of us over rely on the keyboard for communication – sending emails, texts and tweets.  So is it any surprise that anyone entering the industry has to learn how to talk to the media? I’m often asked to media train press officers and junior executives and here are some of the tips that work:

Read more