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5 minutes well spent

How much work can you get through in five minutes?

In this blog, I’m going to share some time saving tips to help improve your productivity.

My ideas are inspired by my new five minute timer.

I love it.

It helps keep me focused on getting things done faster.

I use it to keep long telephone calls in check. To stop me getting distracted when searching for information on the internet.  It’s good for handling interruptions too – when I promise a colleague they can have five minutes with me, we can both see the time slipping way and use it more wisely.

So, here are my ideas on how to use five minutes more wisely. Read more

Planning PR campaigns

During my recent tutorial on planning PR for the CIPR Advanced Certificate students we looked at various examples of PR plans from all kinds of organisations. There were whizzy PowerPoint presentations, simple two page documents, colour coded excel timetables and 30-page reports.

It seems every organisation does PR planning differently.  So, how do you get started if you have to write a PR plan? 

Pic courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.n


I use this quick checklist to help me stay on track when writing PR plans:

What is the problem?

I try to get to the bottom of the issue or communication problem by conducting some through research. This is sometimes called situational analysis or environmental scanning.  You might need to put your ‘thinking’ hat on for this. Read more