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10 low cost PR ideas

I’ve worked with all kinds of organisations by helping them with their PR – big global food companies, industry associations, charities and small and medium sized enterprises.

So, when I was invited to give a talk on low cost PR to some of the small businesses and entrepreneurs in my community, I jumped at the chance.

I believe that small businesses can do their own PR by encouraging others to pass on a recommendation. It doesn’t have to cost any money. And small business owners don’t have to be skilled in handling the media. All they need is time and a bit of creativity. Read more

How to write a press release in 20 minutes

Pic courtesy of Free Digital Photos
Pic courtesy of Free Digital Photos

This is the first in a series of three guides on ‘How to write a press release’

Do you suffer from writer’s block when it comes to writing a press releases?  Then why not try these PR tips to help you write a press release in just 20 minutes.

1. Get in the mood

Write when your energy levels are high (avoid the lunch time dip, if you can).

2. Handy wordsmith

Keep a list of appropriate colourful and concise words handy for reference. Use words that really paint a picture, rather than relying on flowery, fluffy words that clutter up the story and mean nothing.

3. Inverted pyramid

Overcome writer’s block by putting the who, what, when, where and why of the story into bullet points first and then start writing the first paragraph from this information.

4. Winning formula

Look back at your last successful press release and follow a similar template.

5. Examples at the ready

Have some examples of the target media to hand when you write and use as inspiration for appropriate angles, tone and language.

6. Research the media

Spend time before you write by researching the type of stories run by the target media to help find the right story angle.

7. A picture tells

Imagine how the story might be told pictorially and prepare photography/video before you write.

8. Supporters sorted

Before you write, get the go ahead to use an endorsement from an independent source to support the quote from your own spokesperson.

9. What’s the story?

Identify if the story is about an event, announcement or issue. Introduce a story hook and stay focused.

10. Template ending

Have the boiler plate editor’s notes ready to use so that they can be quickly dropped in at the end of the release.

Part two of this PR tips series looks at how to make your press release shine.

I cover this topic in my Press Release Writing course and if you’d like to find out more, then do please get in touch.

Details on my next CIPR Writing Press Releases course can be found here

Picture courtesy of Free Digital Photos