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Top blogs for PR professionals

Pic courtesy of Stuart Miles
Pic courtesy of Stuart Miles

My PR students and learners are always asking me to recommend free sources of information to help them in their work and study. Blogs can be a great way to keep informed and here are some of my favourites:

Digital media and PR – a blog from Shel Holtz’s Holtz Communication and Technology. Favourite post ‘In the ero of pageview journalism, the pitch doesn’t end when the story is  published.’ – a blog from well respected new media expert and author, Brian Solis and his research firm. Recommended post ‘Calculate the ROI of social media.’ Read more

How to be a better PR manager

Good PR managers are in short supply – all you have to do is look at PR job adverts to see how in-demand the role is. Not everyone is a natural ‘manager’ but the good news is that you can learn to be one.

So I thought I’d share my tips from this presentation along with a list of three things I think will make the biggest difference to those stepping into a PR manager role. Read more

How to network like a PR pro



Don’t hand out your business cards until you have read this.


Good networking is not about passing out as many business cards as you can. There’s more to it than that.


PR people are thought to be natural born networkers. There’s a perception that we can sail into a room full of strangers, be they clients or journalists and leave with a handful of business leads or placed articles.  Yet, not everyone knows how to network.

Here are some tips on how to work a room: Read more

How to structure a presentation

There is no getting away from them. Presentations.

In public relations we have to present ideas every day – whether in meetings, pitches or speeches. I believe that some of us hide behind hi-tech gadgetry to sell or persuade others of our ideas, when all that is needed is some good storytelling.

So,  I want to share Nancy Duarte’s ‘Secret structure of great talks’ video with you because she has shown me how to incorporate story into my PR talks and presentations.  Read more

5 minutes well spent

How much work can you get through in five minutes?

In this blog, I’m going to share some time saving tips to help improve your productivity.

My ideas are inspired by my new five minute timer.

I love it.

It helps keep me focused on getting things done faster.

I use it to keep long telephone calls in check. To stop me getting distracted when searching for information on the internet.  It’s good for handling interruptions too – when I promise a colleague they can have five minutes with me, we can both see the time slipping way and use it more wisely.

So, here are my ideas on how to use five minutes more wisely. Read more

Why PR account management is like driving an executive car

Photography from winnoud /
Photography from winnoud /

I remember what it was like when I was promoted to a PR account manager and how I soon learnt that account management is a bit like driving.

I had worked my socks off to proudly own a business card carrying my ‘Account Manager’ job title. But when the promotion came, I found that I wasn’t treated any differently by my peers and my clients.  I wasn’t able to off-load some of the boring admin and felt burdened with even more responsibility and no-one extra to delegate to. Sound familiar?

Let me tell you a secret. Read more

10 new PR skills every PR needs

When I came into the industry in the 1980’s, PR people needed to be good at writing, creativity and communication with the media.

However, public relations has grown up since then.  I find that it has become more professional and more strategic.  More analytical and more statistically driven.

So anyone looking to get a job in this industry may find that they need to develop some new PR skills. Read more