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How to write PR objectives

Much has been written on the importance of setting measurable PR objectives when planning public relations campaigns, so I will keep this simple.

Here are 20 specific and measurable PR objectives with blanks left for benchmarking, target audience and timings.

PR objectives to influence what people know/think

  1. To increase understanding of what among who by when
  2. To educate who on how to do what by when
  3. Generate awareness of what amongst who by when
  4. Ensure that who knows about what by when
  5. By when to get who to recognise the effect  of doing what
  6. Get who to see a different perspective about what by when

PR objectives to infuence people’s attitudes and opinions

  1. Get who to feel inspired to do what by when
  2. Get who to have a positive perception of what by when
  3. Get who to believe that what is what by when
  4. Get who to prefer what over what by when
  5. Increase satisfaction levels of what amongst who by when
  6. Improve stakeholder opinions of who by when

PR objectives to influence how people behave

  1. Ensure attendance of who at what when
  2. To persuade who to vote for what by when
  3. Decrease number of people (from what to what percentage) who do what by when
  4. Encourage who to try our product/service  by when
  5. To get who to participate in what by when
  6. Encourage who to donate what by when
  7. Increase engagement levels from what to what amongst who by when
  8. Generate how many leads/enquiries amongst who by when

Here is a guide explaining the differences between inputs, outputs and outcomes.

I cover objective settting in my Strategic PR Planning course.

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