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Storytelling through PR video

The PR world can get too obsessed with using the written word as a communication tool. A good PR video is what gets me excited.

I agree with Steve Olenski that “Mr. & Mrs. Brand, prefer to ‘see’ rather than ‘read’ when it comes to the deluge of information they are bombarded with,” so learning how to story tell through video is an important skill for today’s PR’s.  But how long should a PR video be?

I have a difficult job persuading some of my PR clients that a video needs to be no more than three minutes, but now Trevor Beattie, the man who created the successful Wonderbra ads says that even 30 seconds is too long for a TV ad nowadays. He says that people know within 2 seconds if they like something because modern technology means that we have become used to absorbing information so quickly.  Is this possible?  I think it must be difficult but not impossible as this short 5 second video story shows.

Those who I train in public relations love sharing examples of videos for PR and marketing campaigns and we can all learn from the good and not so good examples. So, here are some of my favourite

Coca-Cola – happiness machine

What I love about this video, is that it uses one simple idea that is embodies Coca-Cola brand positioning and in this interview with blogger, Meaghan Edelstein, the company’s senior brand manager and creators from Definition 6, share some of the secrets behind the Happiness Machine’s success.

Autoglass – 2020 vision

Lewis PR won a Corporate Communications Digi Award last year for its forward thinking video for client, Autoglass, showing us what windscreen of the future could be like. I love this video because it challenges us to rethink how something as ordinary as a windscreen could be so much more.

Blendtec – will it blend

The success of Blendtec’s ‘will it blend’ videos have been well documented and are probably one of the first viral examples that I became aware of. Working in the food PR industry, I love the ingeniousness behind this video, which was groundbreaking back in 2007. Who could resist seeing an iphone crunched up in a blender!

The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity – ComputerTan

I came across this campaign when I was hoaxed into thinking that fictional company, ComputerTan , really could turn my PC screen into a sunbed. Then later, as one of the CIPR Excellence Awards judges I deliberated if we should give an award to a hoax campaign but agreed that this was a brave, well orchestrated campaign that cleverly tackled an issue that young sunbed tanning audience would otherwise blank.

What are your favourite marcomms videos?  Please get in touch with me to share them.

And if you’ve enjoyed reading this post, then you might want to check out some of my favourite PR examples, or take a look at the PR training courses that I run.

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